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About Us

Dr. Tom's Story

Dr. Crumbley with his wife, Sheree

Being in chiropractic for over 30 years, I am all about natural remedies for health issues. And after having surpassed the half a century age mark a few years back, I found myself with certain aches and pains. And so I came across  Hemp Oil -CBD oil and starting taking it for my sleep issues. Even though my sleep was a little better, I noticed other aches and pains were diminishing and some even gone as I was taking CBD oil. But the problem that I came across was, it was SO expensive. My first bottle was like $115.  Even though it did help,  I couldn't afford to spend that every month. So this started my journey to find CBD Oil that was more affordable to the average person so it could be purchased on a monthly basis. And this is why I have created this website. To help others to be able to afford to try CBD oil.

Why CBD Oil?

Hemp is the natural, organic plant that CBD oil is extracted from.

 Hemp is a naturally occurring

plant. And now it is legal and accessible to everyone. And most importantly it has many health benefits to the human body as well as animals. Scientific research has recently discovered such benefits as: Pain Relief, Reducing Seizures, Reduces Inflammation, Reduces Muscle Cramps, Reducing Anxiety, Lower Blood Sugar, Aiding in Sleep, Reducing Spasms in Small Intestines, and More.

Now these benefits are not endorsed by the FDA. This information is not to be taken as medical advice of any kind. 

But I do encourage everyone to research CBD oil and its benefits. Look up the medical studies for yourself. Read the books that have been written about this. Don't let the government dictate your health and what they think is healthy and beneficial.  We all know that the Gov't is not known for its wisdom, lol. 

Our Products Are Just Priced Lower, That's All

Bottles of CBD oil, from different U.S. companies that we sell on our site.

There are hundreds of companies out there sellingHemp Oil- CBD oil and when you compare the products and pricing, you'll notice that we are providing CBD products at a much lower cost.

  But you have to compare "Apples to Apples."


            1. The AMOUNT of CBD:                   1000 mg bottle to 1000 mg products.             

      2. The FORM of CBD:           Oil/tinctures to Oils/tinctures not to creams or vapes.

         3. The TYPE OF EXTRACTION:             Full Spectrum to Full Spectrum, Isolate to Isolate, etc. 

Right now we are only selling Full Spectrum and Isolate products because the Broad Spectrum is so expensive. 

What Is CBD?: Brief Summary

Check out this brief summary about hemp oil -CBD oil. 

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